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Headaches are one of the most common health ailments faced by almost everyone at one time or another. Including the broad symptoms of pain in the neck and/or in the head, the cause can vary based on the specific location and other health ailments. It is important to know your headache location meaning in order to get help.

It is not uncommon for most headaches to be self-treated, although in some cases they are a symptom of a more serious issue. Consistent and worsening pain in the neck and head should always be checked by a physician.

One of the most common types of headaches is caused by tension in the muscles around the head. The pain is often felt across the forehead and base of the neck. Described as a dull, flat pain, tension headaches radiate from the muscles around the head. They’re usually caused by fatigue, stress, poor posture, dehydration, or eye strain.

The best remedy for this variety of head pain is to relax, get enough or more sleep, drink water, and stretch your body regularly. There are also multiple options for medication that don’t require a prescription. It’s important to note that headaches are incredibly common, and most of the time, they can be treated at home with medicine or lifestyle changes.

Location of Headache Meaning

Headaches with pain centralized around the back of the neck can sometimes be caused by arthritis. The pain is usually sharp, with throbbing that only increases over time. It is also noticeably worse with excessive movement to the neck and head.

Arthritis headaches are usually caused by changes in the structure of the neck, or from inflammation of the blood vessels in that area. If you have a history of arthritis and begin experiencing headaches as a result, it is important to see a physician who can recommend adequate medication and therapies for this specific ailment.

A common place for people to experience pain in the head is behind the eyes. Sometimes called “cluster” headaches or “eyestrain” headaches, the pain is usually intense and throbbing. It can be incredibly hard to focus on daily activities and responsibilities when suffering from this type of headache.

The causes are as varied as tension headaches, and they can last for weeks. They can be caused by excessive smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eye strain, and dry eyes. The best way to prevent cluster headaches is to ensure you have adequate eyesight, maybe getting your eyes tested for the correct prescription of eye wear. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle of minimal smoking and drinking, as well as getting enough sleep can also limit or even prevent them.

A rare but excruciating headache location is around the jaw and mouth. Sometimes it’s due to biting and chewing issues which will require treatment by a chiropractor or oral surgeon. In some cases, this can be a serious symptom of issues with neural impulses which needs to be diagnosed by a specialist.

The location of headaches and what they mean can help diagnose the cause of the pain, and even notify the sufferer that a more serious health problem could be occurring. It’s important to always note the type of pain, location of where it occurs, and any pre-existing health conditions. Most headaches are easily treated at home if you know the cause.

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