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There are currently several treatment options available to alleviate migraine pain. Nevertheless, none of them promises a permanent cure. They do, however, offer short-term relief with a substantial decrease the in the frequency and intensity of migraine episodes.

Botox is one of these treatments  that has grown popular over the past few years. In fact, the ability of Botox to relieve some of the migraine pain has been discovered as a side effect of getting Botox to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. Today, more patients are considering Botox injections to help them stay functional despite their migraine condition.

Since the result is only temporary, patients always ask themselves if Botox is economically the best option to deal with recurring headaches.

What is the Average Botox for Migraines Cost?

Botox is sold in vials of 100 ml or 200 ml. The 200 ml vial usually costs around $1200 to $1500. The typical botox dose to treat migraines(1) is around 155 units injected into 31 sites, which means that 45 units of the 200 ml vial will be discarded. However, some doctors will take this into consideration and will not stick to the standard protocol.

Your doctor might start with 100 or even 60 units first to see if they work for you. These units will be typically injected into a fewer number of sites since the treatments should be tailored to work for every individual patient.

If they don’t work, then the doctor will go to the higher recommended number of units for your second treatment. It is important to understand that the weight of the person and the intensity of the pain are important factors to consider before deciding on the right dosage.

In addition to the botox for migraines cost, you also need to consider the fees your doctor will charge. A typical 100 to 155 units treatment might cost up to $2500 per time. Most patients find this to be too expensive, especially that this treatment is to be repeated every 10 to 12 weeks to maintain the results.

Nevertheless, with some patients dealing with at least 9 to 16 migraine days per month, they think that the price is too little compared to the benefits achieved.

How Can You Reduce the Cost of Botox?

Botox treatments are totally or partially covered by insurance if you have chronic migraines. This is true only if you have 15 or more migraine days per month. Unfortunately, this is not so convenient for other migraine patients. People who have 10 to 14 headache days per month are still unable to function properly and can suffer from the financial side effects of reduced productivity. Nevertheless, insurance companies do not cover Botox treatments in such cases.

They can, however, talk with the doctor about the best option by starting with 100 units or less to evaluate the success of the treatment. It is also recommended to avoid big hospitals which typically charge higher per one Botox treatment. It is a more cost-efficient option especially that these treatments have to be repeated on a regular basis.

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