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Headache Natural Remedies You Should Consider The Next Time You Get A Headache

In the United States, headaches are not an uncommon problem. In fact, we are all likely to get at least one noticeable headache every year. For some, headaches go from the realm of annoyance to serious medical problem. The Migraine Research Foundation(1) has shown that nearly 1 out of every 4 US households has someone who suffers with a migraine, with a person rushed to the emergency room every 10 seconds due to headache or migraine-related issues. Finding headache natural remedies is a great way to lessen these symptoms, especially if you are waiting for an upcoming doctor visit or for a prescription to be refilled. There are lots of people who suffer from tension headaches. Learn how to relieve a tension migraine, this could be the best read for you if you suffer from tension migraines.

Let’s take a moment to review some natural remedies that have been proven to work for all kinds of headaches regardless of their origin point.(2) Picked from things you may have around the house, the following list of natural remedies for headaches are designed to be quick solutions to annoying and painful problems. Let’s begin.

Headache Natural Remedies #1 Peppermint And Lavender Oils

Frequently missed natural remedies that work include foot baths created from peppermint and lavender oils. With both ingredients capable of growing in gardens around the US, simply pick our purchase these two and draw a warm bath. Headache remedies using these ingredients will require you start a warm bath, crush the ingredients, and mix them into the water. Put in your feet and let them soak. Complete these headache natural remedies by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing for 10 minutes.

Headache Natural Remedies #2 Brew Chamomile Tea

There are many benefits that come with brewing chamomile tea for headache natural remedies. Headache natural remedies using chamomile tea require nothing more than heated water and chamomile. Add the tea bag to the water and let sit for 10 minutes. Once it has properly seeped, take time to slowly breathe it in. Be sure to be in a quiet place where noise is a minimum for these headache natural remedies to work.

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Headache Natural Remedies #3 Tea From Gingerroot

Gingerroot tea has been shown to help stop migraines by inhibiting the process of prostaglandin synthesis. The end result is a less severe migraines and a tried and true addition to headache natural remedies. Simmer slices of ginger root in three quarts of water for 30 minutes. Drink tea afterward. Consider adding honey or sugar for taste.

Headache Natural Remedies #4 Change Your Diet

Typically, when people consider over the counter natural remedies for headaches, they consider things like supplements(3) to help restore necessary vitamin levels. However, you can more easily just find foods that are naturally high in the vitamins inherent in these headache natural remedies and save yourself a great deal of time and money. Focus on vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) as well as magnesium. Both have been shown through studies to have real affects in reducing re-occuring headaches, often requiring a month or so before the affects from these  natural remedies began to work.  For more information visit our treat headaches page.