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If you drink a lot of coffee and other caffeinated drinks, and are prone to head pain, it’s important to know how to beat tension headaches from caffeine.

Unfortunately, these kinds of caffeine headaches will adversely affect your productivity if not managed properly. If you’re looking to make some changes, it’s important to note that several factors in your work habits and lifestyle could be leading to this discomfort. This includes stress and smoking, which can both result in an upsetting headache.

Many of us rely on pharmaceuticals to treat pain, but another important point is that some types of tension headaches have been known to resist medication.

Fortunately, your best options to treat it aren’t expensive and can all be sourced from nature, or don’t cost anything at all. Read on for ways to beat tension headaches from caffeine in three simple and easy therapeutic steps.

Beat Tension Headaches from Caffeine

1. Meditate

You may be overwhelmed by certain stressors at home. However, even though it feels like you don’t have time to do anything, this is when it’s most important to take a break for 15 to 20 minutes in a quiet room.

Ideally, the room should be dark to let your eyes rest, too.

The health benefits of meditation have been widely discussed by psychologists and wellness advocates for many years now. Numerous studies have found positive effects on the brain when one is focused on quiet reflection.

Understanding More

Meditation has become more and more popular over the years, and many studies have been done to gauge its effectiveness. In fact, the lowering of emotional reactions that results from meditation aids in the release of the physical effects of stress.

Furthermore, tension headaches are widely acknowledged as a physical effect of stress. However, people who can take a few minutes of their day to quietly calm their mind can find relief from tension headaches without taking pain relievers.

If you must end up taking some type of pain reliever, then there are some things you need to know before taking them.

2. Hydrate and Bask in the Sun

Insufficient fluid intake or dehydration is one of the most common causes of tension headaches. People who have a lot of caffeine in their system are likely to feel the effects of dehydration if they do not drink enough water to keep their electrolyte balance in check.

Drinking enough water should be a daily habit, particularly for coffee and soda drinkers. The same principle applies to getting enough sunshine.

Researchers specializing in headaches have found that vitamin D deficiency may be directly related to muscle pain, migraine and tension headaches.

One of the best ways to beat tension headaches from caffeine is to get enough Vitamin D. You can do this by basking in the sun for a few minutes a day. This is far different from deliberate tanning, which may take longer, and isn’t generally recommended. You should only stay out in the sun as long as your body feels comfortable for before burning.

According to the Vitamin D Council, the skin produces large amounts of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) when exposed to the sun. A fair-skinned person may bask in the sun for 15 minutes in a day, while someone with darker skin might need a few minutes more.

3. Reflexology is Key in Headache Relief

One of the easiest ways to beat tension headaches from caffeine is to learn some DIY self-care. While it’s important to consult with medical professionals and therapists when necessary, you can actually also be the best treatment provider for your tension headache.

Therefore, to help beat tension headaches from caffeine, try indulging in reflexology and aromatherapy.

Reflexologists design their therapy based on nerve connections in the body, and headaches can be relieved by giving one’s hand a good massage. In particular, pressing the soft spot between the thumb and the forefinger has been proven to work wonders, and is an effective way to beat tension headaches from caffeine.

While massaging your hand (perhaps in your meditation room), breathe in the aroma of lavender or peppermint oil, both of which are well-known pain relievers. Other essential oils that can beat headaches include helichrysum, rosemary, and eucalyptus.

There are many different kinds of essential oils available. What’s most important is that you find the aroma that works best for you.


If you consume a lot of coffee or caffeinated drinks and are prone to headaches, it may be time to see a doctor about how to beat tension headaches from caffeine.

Apart from consulting with a medical professional for the best tension headache treatment, in order to avoid headaches and maintain good health, it is also important to stick to a lifestyle of moderation. This includes habits like drinking enough water, avoiding too much coffee, having enough quiet time to rest, and getting enough sunshine — every single day.

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