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Interested in learning more about natural headache remedies?

Well, you are in luck! Below is a list of 6 different ways to cure headaches with our quick list that review all aspects of how you live, giving you plenty of opportunities to change habits and directly target the causes of your headaches.

Natural Headache Remedies #1: Water

When listing a variety of headaches, the National Institute of Health(1) shows that regardless of what type of a headache you have, the solution may be simpler than you think. Simply put, we as a society do not drink enough water. We struggle to meet our daily-recommended amounts. Water plays a crucial role in the functioning of our bodies and can cause persistent headaches if not addressed. So put down the sugary drink and try the simplest and most straightforward of our natural headache remedies.

Natural Headache Remedies #2: Less Sun

While you will want to drink more water, you may also want to get less sun. Simply put, if you have not been out in the sun that much, and the spend hours at a brighter light level, then you risk potentially getting a headache. Among our simpler natural headache remedies, take it slow if you haven’t been out for long, get plenty of shade, and head inside or close your eyes for a period if you feel a headache coming.

Natural Headache Remedies #3: Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a great way to address a headache, especially if it is in the frontal or parietal parts of your skull. Brewing the chamomile tea, take a moment to quietly breathe in the vapors. Relax your breathing and take the process slowly. Chamomile tea has properties that can both aid in headache relief while breathing it in as well as when drinking it. A great way to get more water in your system, this may be one of our best solutions for natural headache remedies.

Natural Headache Remedies #4: Peppermint And Lavender Oils

Did you know that targeting other parts of your body with care could reduce headaches? For example, a peppermint and lavender oils(2) foot bath can be used to remove the symptoms of headaches. Soak your feet for around 10 minutes and take the opportunity to breathe deeply and close your eyes.

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Natural Headache Remedies #5 Dietary Change

More often than not, you will come across a string of natural headache remedies that simply list off vitamin supplements that you should consider. Instead of purchasing vitamin supplements, consider changing around your diet to embrace more headache-free foods. Natural Headache Remedies by Draxe(3) suggests prioritizing things like high fiber foods, foods high in health fats, and clean lean proteins. It is suggested that you stay away from foods like sugar, alcohol, and things with tyramine in them to reduce the risk of headaches. In addition, focus on foods with B2 vitamins (riboflavin) as well as magnesium to help reduce headaches.

Natural Headache Remedies #6 Massage/Chiropractic Care

Last on our list of natural remedies is massage/chiropractic car. Surprisingly enough, tension in our next, head, and face can often cause headaches and even migraines.