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If you suffer from migraine attacks, you know just how much they can hold you back throughout the day. In order to help people who experience them manage them better, clever phone applications such as a migraine app have been designed.

Migraine apps can be used as tools to track triggers, monitor symptoms, highlight frequency in which migraines occur, and keep a record of each episode. The data can then be used to offer users insights on how to better manage their lifestyle and reduce the incidence of attacks happening.

Let’s take a deeper look into how they can be used effectively, as well as discuss some of the best platforms available right now.

How To Use Migraine Apps

Migraine apps really can be very effective in managing your attacks when used correctly. The features and benefits vary from app to app, but here are some of the main ways they can be used.

Pain Tracking

One of the main and most popular features of these platforms is their ability to track and record your pain and migraine attacks. If you suffer from them frequently, then being able to record all of your occurrences can be hugely beneficial.

The pain tracking aspects of migraine apps provide you with clear sets of data and timelines that can be highly useful. This can help you to better understand your condition, and find patterns and triggers in order to help control your migraines.

Having a solid understanding of your attacks and pain history is a necessary step to help you to possibly reduce the pain.

Share Data With Healthcare Professionals

All of the data and pain records that you collect through your app are not just for your personal insight. The tracking and logging of your migraines is an excellent way to keep your doctors informed and up to date with your condition.

Chronic pain conditions can vary greatly between patients, and migraines are certainly no exception. This is why having a detailed record of your attacks on some kind of a traceable timeline can greatly help your doctor to understand what is happening in your body. This can lead to more effective treatment options and ways to deal with the condition.

Supports Insurance Claims

Not all insurance companies will allow you certain benefits if you cannot prove your pain records. For example, if you want to try out Botox for your migraine, your insurer will want to know that you are classified as a chronic migraine patient (someone that suffers from them at least 14 days in a month).

If you can show your detailed pain records to a doctor, this can give them credible proof of your pain history. This can be highly useful in supporting any insurance claims.

Emotional Support

A large part of managing your attacks can also come through emotional support. While these applications offer you ways to help record and deal with your physical symptoms, some of them also offer ways to track your moods and feelings. This offers a more comprehensive insight into your entire migraine experience.

Many of the top migraine apps offer social support networks of other users. This allows you to connect with people who experience conditions similar to yours, and to share your own experience. This can provide a whole added level of insight and support.

Insights and Tips

Beyond pain tracking and migraine management, most good migraine apps will offer you plenty of useful insights and tips to help you deal with the condition. This can come in the form of daily messages, updates, news reports, or libraries of relevant information attached to the app.

When you combine all of your personal data with insightful tips on the condition, a whole new world of solutions can open up to you. This can provide you with a number of new ways to potentially manage your symptoms and headaches.

Track Your Treatments and Patterns

Having a long record of your personal migraine experiences can help to reveal a number of useful things. You could look at your timeline and see when you may have stopped or started any treatments and determine whether this was effective.

Tracking the occurrences can also allow you to notice any possible patterns. This could help you to find potential migraine triggers, seasonal patterns, or any other related variables.

Best Migraine App Reviews

Not sure which of the many migraine apps is right for you? Take a look at some of our top picks of apps available.

Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy is a really user-friendly app that is easy to operate. It offers some great features and thoughtful touches – making it undoubtedly one of the best migraine apps out there.

This app focuses on tracking and creating a diary for your migraines. It was developed with the help of neurologists and data scientists in order to make the recording process as effective and efficient as possible. With Migraine Buddy, recording and identifying all aspects of your migraine attack is easy.

This app does not only offer a great migraine diary platform, but it can also help you to learn more about your condition. The app will help to teach you about triggers, pain duration and intensity, symptoms, and any specific lifestyle elements that could be relevant to your migraines.

Having all of this info recorded and organized well is one of the best ways to start acting on and improving your migraines.

Migraine Buddy is also free and comes highly rated by all of its users.

Migraine Relief Hypnosis

If you want to be more proactive than reactive managing your attacks, try out Migraine Relief Hypnosis. Instead of focusing on logging and recording your migraine attacks, this app rather works to try and soothe your pain from these headaches.

The application helps users find relief from their migraines through simple daily practice. All you need to do is join in on the daily 30-minute hypnosis session that utilizes calming nature sounds and peaceful music. The aim of this is to induce brainwave frequency into a state that is best for receiving hypnotic suggestions. This will then help you to find relief from possible migraine attacks.

Migraine Relief Hypnosis may be a bit different in comparison to your regular migraine apps, but it offers a useful proactive platform to help deal with your headaches directly.

The app is free to use, but there are in-app purchases available for those interested in more. At the moment it is only available on android.

Manage My Pain Pro

Manage My Pain is one of the most comprehensive migraine apps out there. This awesome app can help people with a variety of conditions, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, and of course migraines! This app provides you with all the tools you need to track your pain and help you to understand your symptoms a little better.

As you record your pains, attacks, and daily reflections, the app gathers your information to provide some useful content. It provides you with charts, graphs, calendar views, and other useful insights through your personal statistics. This is great if you are looking for all of the data on your migraine timeline.

Manage My Pain Pro is one of the best migraine apps to help provide your doctor or insurance company with information. The app is very easy to use, is free, and offers some top-quality diary and pain tracking features.


Ouchie offers users an effective solution to all kinds of chronic pain management. Their goal is to help their users to feel better, faster – something that can definitely be achieved through their easy to use platform.

The Ouchie platform has got to be one of the best migraine apps to help you feel more in control of your pain. It offers an excellent pain and mood tracking system, that can be pretty fun to use. On top of this, there is also a wide range of data available on different pains and conditions that can help you to better understand and deal with your migraines.

There is also a social support network on this platform which allows you to follow different users. This is the kind of app that can provide you with useful ways to help manage attacks, as well as a great collection of data around your own pain and history.

It is free to use, and overall it is certainly one of the best migraine apps out there for those wanting a full circle of support and information.

Migraine Monitor

If you are looking for help to get your attacks under control, then Migraine Monitor is a fantastic app to use. The platform may seem very simple and clean, but there really is a lot going on behind it. It is one of the best migraine apps for both tracking and recording your pain, as well as being provided with a network of useful insights.

This application includes access to an anonymous community of users who are all struggling with chronic pain issues. You can use the app to connect with them for support or contact a doctor for easily accessible help.

The app also brings you new and useful tips and insights each day to help you manage your migraine. Of course, the app is also brilliant at monitoring and reporting on all aspects of your attacks, and it is free.

Final Thoughts

If you suffer terribly, having access to one of the best migraine apps is a great way to start effectively managing your condition. These apps are easy to use, often completely free, and offer highly valuable tools and insights to record data which can be used to reduce the incidence of migraines.