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No one likes to experience a headache. When over-the-counter (OTC) medication feels like overkill or is not available, natural remedies for headaches are a great way to both stop a headache in its tracks, and prevent future similar headaches from occurring.

Like it or not, our lifestyles can influence how often we experience headaches.

To find out more about how you can use different ways to improve your wellbeing, and cure and prevent head pain, below is a quick list of natural remedies and treatment options:

Natural Remedies For Headaches

1. Get Less Sun

A problem that many people experience in spring and early summer, exposure to increased light levels can cause ocular migraines and headaches. This is especially true for those who have blue/green eyes, or otherwise have a sensitivity to light.

Consider addressing this issue by spending time acclimating to the sun. You can wear sunglasses, close your eyes for 5-10 minutes at a time if you feel a headache coming on, and drink plenty of water. Dehydration, sun exposure, and headaches all go hand in hand.

Another problem that many people find happens in the spring are sinus headaches, which at times can be quite painful. If you are one of the people who suffer from these types of headaches then here is the complete guide for sinus headache relief. We hope you will find this article very useful.

Overall, it is just good to be aware of your sensitivity levels and the weather outside. Sometimes it is better to stay indoors during the heat of the day if it’s too hot!

2. Massage/Chiropractic Care

Not commonly cited among natural remedies for headaches, massages/chiropractic care can be an amazing way to reduce your current headache.

Whether it is a scalp or neck massage, the tension relief that results from massage work can help the body to calm down and relax.

As we tend to hold a great deal of stress in our bodies, neck and head, you should consider massage/chiropractic care as important natural remedies for headaches.

Sometimes, a neck injury or strain can cause referred pain in our heads. If this is the case, a chiropractor can help to align the spine correctly and provide very quick relief. If you struggle with stress, a massage will certainly help to release tension in your neck shoulders, which could also be contributing to discomfort.

3. Peppermint And Lavender Oils

Foot baths have been shown to improve circulation in the body and aid in reducing headaches.

A popular foot bath that individuals use includes peppermint and lavender oils.

Simply mix a small amount of oil into a warm foot bath and put your feet in for 10 minutes. Close your eyes, relax, breathe deeply and be surprised at just how effective natural remedies for headaches like this can be.

It might seem like such a simple idea, but even just taking the time out to relax is very important. As the feet have so many nerve endings, it makes sense to pay attention to this part of your body when it comes to massage too.

4. Drink More Water

According to a number of reputable sources including NIH(1), we simply do not drink enough water.

Paired with dehydration and salty food intake, it is no wonder so many Americans struggle with persistent annoying headaches.

You can help reverse this trend and make use of the easiest to find remedy on our list of natural remedies for headaches by changing up your routine a little.

Drink a cup of water for every cup of anything else you want to drink. Earn those drinks by matching it with water, and be amazed at how much of a difference it can make.

It might be tough in the beginning, but once you start to feel the benefits, it will all be worth it!

5. Chamomile Tea

If drinking water by itself is too boring, then consider a tea.

Chamomile tea is an important member on our list of natural remedies for headaches because it both hydrates and calms. Smelling the tea and indulging in the drink every day can help to decrease your stress and headaches.

6. Change Your Diet

Natural Headache Remedies by Draxe(2) suggests prioritizing things like high fiber foods, foods high in healthy fats, and clean lean proteins.

Stay away from sugar, alcohol, and things with tyramine in them. When it comes to learning about headaches and headache pain reduction, check with your doctor to make sure you are getting enough B2 vitamins (riboflavin) or magnesium.


In the list above, we’ve covered just six of many different natural remedies for headaches that you can use to help you feel better.

By just incorporating one of these into your life, you can definitely make a big difference, not only in terms of curing and preventing headaches, but for your overall wellbeing.