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Best Migraine Solutions Guide

Migraines are so painful. If you’re sick of the pain and of retreating from daily activities in order to cope with a migraine and recovery from it, you need to know that help is out there, in the form of effective migraine treatment options.

Migraines are a common condition, so it is important to keep a Migraine diary to keep track of when and how often you have one. In a fact sheet, thirty-eight million Americans are migraine sufferers.

Symptoms of migraine headaches include throbbing which may be localized to one side of the head, as well as sick stomach, throwing up and more sensitivity to lights and sounds.

Some sufferers go through an “aura” stage, which negatively impacts their visual perception. They may see flashes and “zig-zags”. Blind spots may also be in evidence.

Migraines are neurobiological problems. Now, let’s talk about how to relieve the discomfort.

Do Natural Migraine Solutions Work?

There is some evidence that acupuncture is a valuable treatment for migraine sufferers. If you’d like to explore non-drug, non-surgery treatment options, considering acupuncture may make sense. Acupuncture is believed to offer results which are comparable to those achieved via usage of prescription-strength migraine medications.

Natural herbs and remedies may also offer impressive results. One herb, Butterbur, is believed to have the power to relieve migraines due to its capacity to support optimal blood flow to the brain. Also, the herb known as Feverfew is available in capsule format and it’s believed to decrease the amounts of migraines that users get.

Medical Treatments Are Also Effective

A range of prescription drugs is also prescribed for migraine treatments. One type is Triptans, which are a fairly new migraine solution. These drugs were introduced in the 90’s and they work by affecting the body mechanisms which trigger these types of headaches.

Another class of drugs which fight migraine pain are known as Beta-blockers. They may also be referred to as Anti-hypertensives. While these drugs are more commonly associated with the treatment of hypertension, they are also prescribed in order to prevent migraine headaches. They work by affecting the right blood vessels.

Anti-seizure drugs may help migraine sufferers to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. They work by inhibiting certain neurotransmitters.

Anti-depressants are the final class of medications which are utilized by migraine sufferers. In particular, antidepressants of the SSRI(2) and Tricyclic type are quite effective. They work by balancing serotonin levels in the human body.

See Your Doctor Today for the Best Migraine Solutions

Since prescription drugs are the preferred treatment for most migraine sufferers, we encourage you to see your family physician today. When you talk to your doctor, he or she will examine you and discuss your headaches. After this consultation, your doctor will be able to decide which form of migraine drugs will be best for you.

All of these prescription medications come with side effects and this is why it’s important to understand what you will be taking. The monograph which comes with your prescription should detail any contraindications and side effects.

Hopefully, this quick guide and helpful options has given you the hard facts that you need. While migraines are painful and negatively impact the quality of life, there are natural headache treatments and medications which work wonders.