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Puberty is often characterized as a period of awkwardness and change. That being said, it is hardly surprising to find that teenagers are actually going through a particularly stressful period in their lives. Now, it may come as a surprise to most that stress is actually one of the main causes of frontal lobe headaches. That being said, it is perfectly understandable why so many teenagers suffer from this medical condition.

To understand more about this condition, and how it affects teenagers in particular, we’ll investigate further below.

Frontal Lobe Headaches Overview

It needs to be stated outright that frontal lobe headaches are a fairly common condition. Most people experience these, and even if it doesn’t happen often, many will have to deal with it at some point in their lives. It is often compared to a migraine, yet readers need to understand that this is different condition altogether.

The pain associated with these headaches has been described as similar to having a belt tightening on one’s head. This is felt on both sides of the head. As time goes by, the pressure mounts and the pain increases, particularly on the temples.

However, in more extreme cases, this can be a harrowing ordeal as patients describe an excruciating sensation coupled with severe pain.

Of course, it is also worth mentioning that frontal lobe headaches also exhibit secondary symptoms. In particular, teens would experience tenderness on their scalp, as if it was being pricked by little needles. In addition to that, they would also report increased sensitivity in their shoulder muscles, leaving them with a feeling of soreness all over.

Causes in Teenagers

It should come as no surprise that there is no sole culprit when it comes to frontal lobe headaches in teenagers. Instead, it is likely a combination of different factors. After all, most frontal headaches in teenagers can be triggered or caused by many different things.

To narrow it down, and get a better understanding of this ailment, here are some common triggers below.

Common Triggers

  • Stress – Stress is the most common trigger for frontal lobe headaches among teenagers. This is hardly surprising considering the level of pressure that they are under, not only from their schoolwork but also from their family and society in general. As you probably already know, most teens have a hard time coping with the stress to the point that it overwhelms them. Therefore, these headaches just come as a direct result of that.
  • Genetics – It is hardly surprising to find that another main trigger for these headaches is one’s family medical history. Like most medical conditions, one’s susceptibility to frontal lobe headaches is directly affected by genetic factors. For instance, if the teen’s parents suffer from chronic headaches, then chances are so will they.
  • Fatigue – Generally, teens live hectic lives. They have a tendency to stay up too late and they spend most of their time looking at computer screens. Needless to say, this can take a toll on one’s eyes, which can then become a trigger for the headaches.


It’s one thing to have a better understanding of this condition, but how do you treat it?

The first course of action is usually to treat the pain, with a prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) type of medication. Since everyone’s body is different, and teenagers might be more sensitive to strong drugs, it is important to consult a medical professional before taking anything.

Since stress has been confirmed to be the main trigger with this type of headache, treating the stress itself is also important. This can includes finding constructive ways for teens to be able to talk about what is bothering them, and to come up with effective coping mechanisms to help them deal with a high pressure environment, as well as social anxieties.

Natural Remedies

Another option, in addition to the above, is to use some home remedies to help relieve stress. These can include drinking tea to calm the nerves, and the use of essential oils. Essential oils can be used in massage, which will also help to relieve muscle tension, as well as in foot baths, which can also promote relaxation.

Other therapies like acupuncture are also used to treat headaches. Overall, just finding ways to let off steam and relax can be very beneficial.


The article above has helped to shed some light on this important health issue(1). It has done this by focusing on the specific symptoms associated with frontal lobe headaches. Moreover, the discussion also explains why this condition is so common among teenagers. Readers should take note of this as it will undoubtedly come in handy when your children are going through puberty.

As discussed, there are also different treatment options available, which can help to address the immediate symptoms, as well as the root causes of the stress that teenagers are experiencing.

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