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Headaches come in different forms. However, perhaps there is none as dangerous and as painful as a concussion headache. As you probably know, concussions are a form of brain injury caused by the trauma of being hit on the head. This can come from being hit in the head, having an accident or while playing sports.

Needless to say, this type of injury can not only cause crippling headaches, it can also have a great impact on the way your brain functions after this kind of trauma. In particular, it can severely impact your concentration, balance, and memory. Read on to learn about concussion headache treatment.

To help provide this information, this article provides a basic overview of these types of headaches to give readers a better understanding of what they are actually like. Moreover, it tries to answer some of the basic questions regarding proper treatment and medication, which is very important to know, especially in an emergency situation.

Understanding Concussion Headache Treatment: Background

Before anything else, it is vital that readers understand the condition that gives rise to this particular sort of a headache. As stated earlier, concussions usually occur when a victim receives a severe blow to the head.

Oftentimes, this leads to the loss of consciousness and the subsequent loss of memory. Take note that for most people, the symptoms of the concussion would manifest immediately. However, sometimes this is not the case. Therefore, it is always important to be aware and monitor someone who might have been injured very closely.

Usually, the victim would wake up feeling disoriented. This is made worse by the ringing in their ears and the dizziness that follows. All of which eventually lead to the severe head pain referred to as concussion headaches. Changes in their speech patterns would quickly become apparent as the victim would start slurring their words. Needless to say, the patient will also have a great deal of difficulty answering the most basic of questions.

Take note that the pain from these headaches can incapacitate the victims and render them immobile for a brief period of time. Keep in mind that one’s motor skills are affected greatly by this condition. It is also entirely common for the person to start vomiting, often as a result of nausea.

How to Treat This Condition

Like with other first aid emergencies, the first thing that doctors need to do is to find concussion headache treatment that can alleviate some of the pain being experienced by the patient. In that regard, most doctors would prescribe patients with acetaminophen, Tylenol, and other medications. These can provide some relief from some of the pain caused by the concussion headache.

That being said, it is vital that you listen to the advice of medical professionals and take only the medication that is prescribed for the concussion headache treatment. In this case, it is also important that the person gets medication that doesn’t interfere with any other existing medication that they are taking.

For instance, some patients would self-medicate and start taking aspirin or ibuprofen. This is ill-advised as these medicines would inadvertently increase the risk of internal bleeding.

Recovery Time

Of course, addressing the immediate symptoms and getting concussion headache treatment is of vital importance. However, it is also important that you work on your overall recovery as well. For that very purpose, most doctors would recommend taking a bit of time to truly get some rest.

This means staying away from any strenuous activities, both physical and mental. It should be your priority to stay away from any activity that can stress you out as that is the last thing you will be needing. Keep in mind that you have just suffered trauma to your brain. This is a big deal, and it’s important to rest so that it can fully recover.

It might be very difficult to stay away from screens. However, it’s important that you rest in a cool, quiet and dark room for as long as prescribed to make sure that your body gets the rest it needs.


As we discussed above, head trauma is a serious injury and shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is especially considering the potential long term effects of this kind of condition if not treated properly.

In order to provide valuable information about concussion headache treatment, this article has presented readers with an overview of concussion headache treatment. It also focuses on how you can alleviate its symptoms and help find the best treatment and get some degree of relief from the pain.

Overall, it’s good to have a solid understanding of what this condition involves, and what should be done if you or someone who know starts to experience these symptoms. However, it’s also very important to consult with a medical professional as soon as possible to make sure that there are no further complications.