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About Headaches

Our site brings years of researched articles and important helpful information about headaches, the many types of headaches, why they happen and ways to help guide you to the best options and remedies.

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6 Headache Locations and Their Causes

It's safe to say that everyone in the world at some stage or other has had some kind of a headache. However, how often have you paid attention to the exact headache locations? Understanding why you are having headache pain in a specific region is helpful because it...

Tension Headache: Locations, Causes and Treatments

The most common type of a headache experienced by almost everyone is a tension headache. The pain is usually felt across various locations of the forehead. However, this kind of pain is also felt behind the eyes and into the neck. Although the exact cause is unknown,...

How To Get Rid of A Headache Right Now

A lot of people are dealing with headaches of different intensity. In fact, this can get a bit irritating as it can disrupt your routine and how you live your life. But if you are already getting headaches on a daily basis, it could also be

Sore Throat Headache: Learn More

Around 10% of Americans will get a sore throat every year.

In addition, many more will experience headaches over this time. While the two are not always linked, they often occur as a result of the same cause.